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Trauma and PTSD: Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Cope

Trauma and PTSD: Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Cope

Post-traumatic stress disorder can be overwhelming for anyone who suffers from it. It can take a heavy toll on relationships and affect the whole family. The symptoms of PTSD make a person moody and distant from their loved ones, but you can help them rebuild themselves and slowly recover. Start with these tips below.

  • Offer unwavering social support.
    It is common for people with PTSD to withdraw from family and friends. While you mustn’t pressure them to talk, make sure to encourage them to pursue their hobbies and reconnect with people they trust. Be patient with them whenever they feel attacked by triggers and encourage them to seek counseling services in Ohio to make the recovery process s little less painful.
  • Talk less, listen more.
    Talking about the traumatic incident may be a repetitive hobby for someone with PTSD, but remember to respect their feelings because this is part of the recovery stage. TeleHealth therapy helps in their recovery, but you can too! Just make sure to be very open-minded, listen carefully, and try not to be judgmental.
  • Make them feel safe.
    Trauma changes people and damages their ability to trust themselves and others. Help them rebuild trust and security by making them feel valued, loved, and supported. Encourage them to seek mental health counseling, look for ways to empower them, and talk about the future with them to make them feel secured and confident.

WCAP Counseling offers innovative treatment programs like substance abuse counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and an anger management program designed to work with individuals through every step of recovery from mental health challenges. For more information, contact us at 614-239-9965 today.

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