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What NOT to Say to Someone Struggling with a Drug Addiction

What NOT to Say to Someone Struggling with a Drug Addiction

Knowing what the right thing is to say to a friend or loved one who is struggling with an addiction can be tricky. If you’re like most people, you probably mean well by the things you say. However, what people often don’t realize is that their comments and statements cause their loved ones more harm than good.

Furthermore, people who are struggling with drug addiction are often more sensitive, emotional, and insecure about their situation, especially during the early stages of their recovery. Hence, it can be easy for other people to unintentionally hurt their feelings.

To keep this from happening, we at WCAP Counseling, a licensed provider of top-quality and reliable Substance Abuse Counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, have compiled this list of things NOT to say to someone who is struggling with an addiction, to avoid complicating conditions further.

  • “Once an addict, always an addict.”
  • “Going cold turkey is the only way.”
  • “It’s your parent’s fault.”
  • “Let’s grab a drink.”
  • “You just need to pull yourself together.”

If you really want to help your loved one recover from their current situation, encourage them to get professional Counseling Services in Ohio.

Our Mental Health Counseling services are now accessible via our TeleHealth Therapy platform. For details, please visit our site or contact us here.

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