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Signs It’s Time You Consider Marriage Counseling

Signs It’s Time You Consider Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, is a type of mental health therapy which aims to address and resolve the issues a married couple is facing. Needing couples therapy does not mean that your marriage will be ending. It means you are entering a phase in your marriage wherein you need to properly reconnect with your spouse in order to love and live harmoniously again.

Here are some of the clear signs at some point in your marriage that may indicate that you should consider couples therapy:

  • Frequent fights.
    You fight over the same things again and again. You are unable to discuss and resolve problems effectively. In some or most instances, the fights turn very verbal and physical.
  • Poor communication.
    You’re more comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with other people rather than with each other. You feel that something about your marriage just feels off, yet you don’t have the courage to tell your spouse about it and you’re confident that they feel the same way.
  • Damaged trust.
    Past infidelity or lies have broken your trust in each other. You find yourself still hurting when you think of their past mistakes; you find it hard to look beyond it.
  • Substance abuse.
    You or your spouse suffer from substance abuse. Substance abuse damages relationships between spouses as it can make them feel helpless and misunderstood.

WCAP Counseling provides couples therapy as one of our main counseling services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. You can trust us to value your privacy and dignity as individuals and as a married couple. You can set up an appointment with us at https://bit.ly/2CadB1j.

Our other services include substance abuse counseling in Ohio, anger management training, and crisis intervention. You can explore our website to learn more about our services.

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