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Moving Forward With Grief

Moving Forward With Grief

For those who have experienced losing loved ones, the most common thing we hear from well-meaning people would be “move on.” We’d smile and try to say our thanks, but, all the while, we’re left wondering how to do just that.

In her TedTalk, young widow Nora McInerny shares that maybe moving on is not the right way to deal with grief. That maybe, the right way is to move forward with it. Your goal should not be to move on—because that just pressures you to do something you can’t—your goal should be to move forward with grief. Grief is not a dam of water that will run dry as tears do. It is not something you can choose to leave behind one day, confident that you’ll be devoid it of the next day. It’s not another story. It’s another chapter, and to live this new chapter, you’re taking with you all your feelings and lessons from the previous one that just ended.

Grief for your dead loved ones will always be something you carry with you when you face new days—together with your great memories with and of them. Because some days it will feel good to remember them, to relive them, and grief will allow you to feel that way.

One of WCAP Counseling’s clinical specialties is grief counseling. We are a provider of counseling services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

We are passionately committed to the mission of helping you heal and recover through our mental health therapy services.

Our mental health treatment programs cover a wide range of areas, specializing in anxiety, trauma, as well as substance abuse counseling in Ohio. Learn more about services at wcapcounseling.org.

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