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How to Prevent Domestic Violence

How to Prevent Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any form of abuse that happens within the home, typically involving a violent partner or family member. It can happen to a friend or a loved one. It can happen to you. Globally, the number of victims is staggeringly high regardless of race, gender, and age.

WCAP Counseling, being a trusted provider of mental and substance abuse counseling in Ohio, gives you the following preventive measures:

  • To possible victims
    Watch out for red flags. Pay close attention to them. Do they sound extremely threatening, obsessed, or possessive at times? Are you aware of any history of abuse? How likely are they to get violent in stressful situations? If you notice any symptom of possible behavioral or mental issues but are unable to confirm it yet, you can conduct your own research online. The more you know about it, the better.
  • To the witnesses
    Don’t turn a blind eye. If you know anyone — a neighbor, a friend, or a relative — who is experiencing domestic abuse, call the police immediately. Yes, you can lend an ear to the victim and support them with what they’re going through, but the most helpful thing you can really do for them is to get the police involved. However, if you only have your suspicions but are unsure if someone’s really in danger, just check on them regularly. Be observant.

In most cases, people found guilty of domestic violence suffer from certain mental issues that can be addressed by mental health therapy and counseling. Moreover, people who survive domestic abuse are also left traumatized by their ordeal.

If you know someone coming from either side, refer them to counseling services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Reach out to us so you can know what steps you can make to really help.

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