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How to Know if a Friend Is Facing Domestic Abuse

How to Know if a Friend Is Facing Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can manifest in different ways. When you perceive that your friend is being abused at home, don’t hesitate to refer them to our Counseling Services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Here are the signs of domestic abuse that you should observe.

  • Physical Signs

    The most obvious sign of domestic abuse is seen physically. Your friend may have some bruises or purple marks on certain body parts. You see their lips swollen. Their eyes are blackened. Furthermore, when you ask them about these injuries, they will have weak explanations about what happened.

  • Emotional Signs

    Another sign of domestic abuse manifests in a person’s emotional condition. Abuses at home can indeed rob a person’s sense of hope, help, and relief. When there is domestic abuse, emotional signs can include the following:

    • Appearance of fear
    • Being agitated or worried
    • Being repeatedly apologetic
    • Having very low self-esteem
    • Manifesting signs of depression, especially teh lack of interest in their usual hobbies
    • Expressing interest in harming themselves or committing suicide

    If you sense or learn these signs in a friend, seek out for providers of Mental Health Therapy. Your friend needs help in overcoming the impact of domestic abuse.

  • Behavioral Signs

    You can also detect domestic abuse in your friend’s behavior. This can be especially evident if they used to be very cheerful and have now become quiet. Here are further behaviors to observe:

    • Arriving late in appointments
    • Becoming excessively private about the one they’re having a relationship with
    • Becoming reserved and distant
    • Starting to cut off connections from friends and family

These are the frequent signs of domestic abuse that a victim may display. If you notice that your friends are showing or acting in these ways and you want help in reaching out to them, we have counselors who can assist you. Aside from providing Substance Abuse Counseling in Ohio, we also assist loved ones to communicate with each other better.

So if you have friends who are facing domestic abuse, tell them they have friends at WCAP Counseling who can help.

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