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Effective Strategies for Coping with Change


Change is inevitable and a part of daily life. However, changes at work, home, or relationships can occur unexpectedly and result in challenges that are difficult to overcome. This can result in substance abuse and other mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Hence, therapy and related treatments like substance abuse counseling in Ohio are recommended to help deal with change.

As a trusted provider of counseling services, we will share strategies to help you cope with change:

Reframe your thinking.

Take the time to reflect and figure out what is going on both externally and internally. Once you gain a better understanding of the events happening around you and how they are affecting you, you become better equipped to shift negative thoughts and emotions to positive ones. Writing a journal or talking to a loved one can also help you cope and process new changes.

  • Develop ways to manage stress.Incorporate enjoyable and stress-relieving activities into your day. Make time for exercise, take a warm bath, or listen to relaxing music to provide comfort and manage stress. Developing stress management techniques will help you cope with changes and other stressors in your life.
  • Consider seeking professional help.To help cope with changes and the associated mental health issues, you can always seek in-person or TeleHealth therapy. Treatment can help teach you healthy coping skills and provide guidance as you undergo major changes in life.

WCAP Counseling is a leading provider of substance disorder treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Additionally, we have a broad range of clinical specialties that include behavioral issues, coping skills, dual diagnosis, grief, and more. Set an appointment with us to discuss your needs.

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