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Top Damaging Effects of Drug Abuse in Your Body

Top Damaging Effects of Drug Abuse in Your Body

Drug and alcohol abuse can have harmful effects on your body, this includes altered brain chemistry, health complications, infections, accidental injuries, and even death. Here’s what you need to know about substance abuse and its detrimental effects: 

  • Health complications
    Every part of your body, from your heart to your bowels, can suffer from too much drug consumption. It can lead to abnormal heart rates, heart attacks, severe muscle cramping, general weakness, and damage to the liver and kidneys. If you suffer from these consequences but you want to quit the unhealthy lifestyle of abusing drugs, visit substance abuse counseling in Ohio to find out how they can help you lead productive and stable lives.
  • Legal consequences
    Drug abuse could leave you unemployed, especially if you refuse to give up the destructive habit. Most employers conduct a drug test as part of the pre-employment requirements. Some even conduct random drug tests at any time even after you become an employee. Other than that, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could lead to a suspended driver’s license or heavy fines. Drug abuse could also have destructive effects on your behavior, but It’s never too late to seek professional help and undergo mental health therapy.
  • Financial constraint
    Drugs and alcohol are expensive and using both constantly can negatively interfere in your focus and productivity at work or school. WCAP Counseling, a center that provides counseling services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio offers support and treatment therapy to help you achieve sobriety and overall wellness. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, and know that people are willing to help and listen to you whether you have mental health or substance issues.
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