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The Guide After Rehab from Substance Abuse: What Now?

The Guide After Rehab from Substance Abuse: What Now?

There’s always a feeling of fulfillment after finishing your rehabilitation program for substance abuse. Once you’ve felt the positive impact of the mental health therapy in your life, you’re ready to turn a new leaf.

Although you’ve been cleared and have been pronounced clean, it doesn’t mean that your old habits won’t be able to tempt you. The road to pure sobriety is a long and difficult road, but with the right mindset, habits, and support network, you’ll definitely get there.

Being a provider of counseling services in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, we’ve seen a lot of patients brave through their struggles and succeed in becoming clean, as well as fulfilling their dreams.

So what should I do and practice after rehab?

  • Build Bonds with Sober People
    It’s always good to have a genuine and clean support system that will be a positive influence in your life after addiction. It gives you the motivation to strive harder to be better.
  • Keep Follow-Up Appointments
    Even if you’ve finished rehab, it doesn’t mean you should no longer seek therapy. It’s best that you still schedule sessions with your therapist to keep you on track with your progress.
  • Stay Alert for Signs of Relapse
    Know that addiction is a chronic illness. Thus, sometimes, a relapse is inevitable. However, it’s crucial that you understand yourself and what might trigger your relapse, so you’ll be able to determine what positive coping mechanisms will work for you. You can ask for help from your therapist or counselor on this matter.

At WCAP Counseling, we offer substance abuse counseling in Ohio. Should your loved one need treatment for their mental health condition, they are always welcome at our doors.

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