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Reasons Why Adults Resulted To Substance Abuse


As a trusted provider of substance abuse counseling in Ohio, we believe that adolescents are affected by the global public health problem of substance misuse. According to some research, drug use can begin as early as age 13. The fact that kids are prone to utilizing harmful substances should worry us as parents.

We must first comprehend the causes of substance abuse if we aim to assist children and adults in overcoming it. We from WCAP Counseling, a trusted provider of substance disorder treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio informs parents about the causes of teen drug usage. Here are the following common causes:

  • Rounding the Circle
    Some adolescent substance users do so to fit in with a group they believe to be drug users. Marijuana, illicit substances, or opiate addiction are frequently influenced by this stage of insecurities and a need to fit in with a social group.
  • Sensing well
    Several medications stimulate the area of the brain that controls pleasure. Additionally, adolescents who struggle with anxiety, despair, and other disorders turn to substance abuse to feel better and lessen upsetting emotions. Adults and children who are in these situations need counseling services.
  • Experimentation
    The key developmental stage of adolescence is marked by the predominance of some illogical actions. As a result, despite the risks involved, many teenagers engage in new, adventurous behaviors.

These are only a few of the numerous possible reasons why young people become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and they all need to undergo therapy. Follow the National Institute on Drug Abuse to discover more about teen drug usage. For assistance, please call us.

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