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Hypersexuality: A Real Psychological Condition

hypersexuality-a-real-psychological-conditionThere is this topic that people do not always tackle. Many still find it controversial, especially the conservative ones, and others still refer to it as unreal and nonexistent. But let us talk about it today.

Sex addiction – an excessive desire for sexual activities, also referred to as nymphomania in women and satyriasis in men. It is a behavior that affects the daily life of a person. People with this addiction find it hard to control. They are preoccupied with thoughts of sexual desire and pleasure anytime and anywhere. And they will need Therapy to help them cope with this disorder.

People often see this condition in the wrong way. And there are many misconceptions about it. And to have a deeper understanding, here are some of its attributes:

  • It affects men and women in different statuses – married, in a relationship, or no relationship at all.
  • Sex addicts do not always act on their urges. Contrary to what we see in movies, they do not always engage in sex multiple times and partners. They have different outlets – watching porn, fantasizing, masturbating.
  • Hypersexual people use drugs and alcohol for added fun and experimentation during intercourse. Soon they would need Substance Abuse Counseling in Ohio, too.

WCAP Counseling believes that addiction comes in different forms. These things happen – they are real experiences and disorders. If you are willing to manage them, there is no need to fear Counseling Services. These treatments and interventions will help you manage your life, family, jobs, and relationships back to normal.

So, for Substance Disorder Treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and other concerns, call us at 614-239-9965.

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