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Commonly Abused Substances by Teenagers


Nowadays, substance abuse is gradually increasing among teenagers. Among the substances that are commonly abused by teens are the following:

  • Alcohol

    This is the most widely used substance in adolescents as it widely available in stores or homes. Among its negative consequences include decreased physical coordination and increased risky behavior.

  • Marijuana

    This substance is often smoked, but it can also be consumed. When used, it allows an individual to feel high due to increased dopamine. It increases the risk of developing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

  • Nicotine

    This substance is commonly found in cigarettes. Currently, teens are resorting to e-cigarettes as they believe it to be safer. However, they are still consuming carcinogens and at increased risk of switching to cigarettes.

  • Opioids

    This substance is usually injected and can cause harmful effects on the central nervous system, such as reduced decision-making skills, poor coordination, and slowed body response.

If these substances used habitually for a long time, this will result to addiction and dependency in teenagers until their adult life. Therapy and treatment are needed to effectively put an end to their substance abuse.

WCAP Counseling offer substance disorder treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, to help treat their drug or alcohol misuse and the issues associated with it.

As part of this treatment, we o substance abuse counseling in Ohio to ensure that an adolescent’s mental health and overall sense of well-being is primarily considered.

Our mental health counseling provides vital support for individuals and their families affected by mental health disorders.

For further inquiries on our counseling services, you can visit our website at https://www.wcapcounseling.org/ or reach out to us at 614-239-9965.

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