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Understanding and Addressing the Self-Harm Cycle

 Understanding and Addressing the Self-Harm Cycle

Self-harm is a behavior where individuals cause harm to themselves as a way to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings that cause stress on them. It usually takes the form of cutting, burning, or non-lethal overdosing. If this behavior is evident in your loved ones or even on yourself, it is important for you to seek mental health counseling right away.

With the difficulties of seeking help during this time of pandemic, telehealth therapy may also be of great help. Never ignore or tolerate this kind of behavior.

The cycle of self-harm starts as a way to relieve pressure or negative effects from distressing thoughts and feelings. For those who do self-harm, temporary relief from the emotional suffering can be had but will sooner or later arise once again. But soon after the relief, feelings of guilt and shame arise which then leads up to another episode of emotional suffering, emotional overload, and panic. Then the cycle restarts.

Self-harming behavior can affect anyone, and studies show that about 10% of young people are much more involved in this practice. Some common factors that make a person more at risk of self-harm are the presence of mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and eating disorders, experiences of trauma, neglect, and abandonment, and having been greatly affected by suicide. These are only some of the factors that cause or heighten the likelihood of self-harming. Therefore, counseling, such as our counseling services in Ohio, can greatly help people who are predisposed to self-harm behavior. Sometimes, this is one of the things that people must not undergo on their own. Help is needed.

Contact us at WCAP Counseling for more information about how we can help address and counter your self-harming tendencies and behavior. We also offer substance abuse counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

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