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Tips to Get Back on Your Feet After a Relapse


Experiencing a relapse can be demoralizing and distressing, but you should not see it as a personal failure of character.

In fact, as a provider of substance abuse treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, ourselves at WCAP Counseling, we want to emphasize that just like with other conditions, relapse is a normal part of recovery.

So how do you get back up? Here are tried-and-tested ways we incorporate in our therapy and counseling services:

  • Understand that relapse is progressive and comes in stages—emotional, mental, and physical. Thus, you have a chance to do something about it in its tracks. For instance, you can distract yourself if you begin to think about using it again.
  • Identify what led you to your relapse and find ways to successfully address it.
  • Ask for help from a professional, no matter how hard it is. Keeping your feelings of shame and guilt is can lead you to use again.

    Don’t make the difficulty of accessing an office setting an excuse, you can schedule a telehealth therapy session instead of an in-office visit.

  • Re-evaluate your outlets and lifestyle habits. It may be that the hobbies and activities you usually turn to do not work anymore and you need to redevelop your relapse plan and find something else to use as outlets for your emotions.

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