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Tips on Taming Your Anger

Tips on Taming Your Anger

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion but when uncontrolled, it can be destructive for you or others, which is why you must learn to deal with it in a positive way, by yourself or with the help of an anger management program. Here are ways you can put your anger under control:

  • Think before saying anything.
    It’s easy to be carried away in the heat of the moment and say things you’ll regret later on. Counseling services Reynoldsburg Ohio suggest that you take a few moments to collect yourself before you say anything.
  • Speak only when you’re calm.
    When you’ve cleared your mind and felt calm, express your frustrations without trying to control or hurt others.
  • Exercise.
    Counseling services in Ohio believe in the great benefits of exercise. Regularly engaging in physical activities can reduce your stress, which is the main cause of anger.
  • Rest.
    Give yourself a break for a quiet time so that you can prepare for what’s ahead without getting angry or irritated.
  • Use “I” statements.
    When tempted to blame or criticize others, use “I” statements to describe the problem. For instance, for telehealth therapy, a statement that begins with, “I’m upset that you. . .” would sound way better than, “You made me upset because. . .”
  • Forgive.
    In the end, forgiveness will set you free. Don’t let negative feelings crowd out the positive ones. Let go of your grudge and use forgiveness as a tool in strengthening your character.

WCAP Counseling provides anger management programs and substance abuse counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Contact us today!

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