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Tips on Avoiding Relapse and Getting Well


Addiction is both a chronic and relapsing disease. The process of getting sober from alcohol or other substances involves self-improvement and developmental stages. Relapse is a possibility at any level of recovery, thus learning and understanding relapse prevention techniques through counseling services and therapy is crucial. It takes proactive and ongoing effort to counter addiction’s disruptive effects on your brain.

To understand how to live a happy life in recovery, relapse prevention skills are crucial. With the help of substance disorder treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, one may develop these coping mechanisms one day at a time, which will help them avoid relapsing and lead lives that are free of addiction. One can include a wide range of relapse prevention strategies into their everyday practice to assist avoid recurrence. Below are some ideas to incorporate into recovery.

  • Self-care. Fatigue and sleeplessness are frequent post-acute withdrawal symptoms when recovering from addiction. By implementing physical exercise and a balanced diet, one can improve their quality of sleep and will also help reduce the risk of relapse.
  • Knowing Your Triggers. A good technique to become aware of one’s triggers and lower the chance of relapse is to make a list of both internal and external triggers.
  • Participate in a Support Group. It offers guidance, accountability, education, and the chance to interact with others who share your struggles.

If you or someone you love are in need of substance abuse counseling in Ohio, WCAP Counseling is here for you. We provide vital support for individuals and their families affected by substance use and other mental health issues. Don’t hesitate to get help. Talk to us.

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