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The Impact of Domestic Violence on Individuals

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Individuals

Domestic abuse and family violence can greatly affect an individual’s life. It can tear up every aspect of one’s life in ways unimaginable. According to studies, one in 3 women experiences sexual or physical abuse or both, caused by someone they know or live with. Domestic violence affects women, children, the family, and the community. In other words, it carries with it huge personal, social, and economic effects. But this can be addressed properly and professionally. Therapy can include mental health counseling and telehealth therapy, among others.

Whatever the triggers of dFIomestic violence may be, the effects on the victims are more or less similar. It can lead to the victim’s death, injury, illness, disability, emotional and psychological trauma, homelessness, use of alcohol and drugs, regular household conflict, anxiety and depression, self-harm, having low self-esteem, and difficulties in managing stress. The effects on children are also more pronounced and wider, as they are still in their developing stage. They will also come to believe that any home is not safe and secure, and a lot of fears may arise in them.

As a non-profit agency that provides quality mental health and substance abuse counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, we can help families who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse. This problem must never go unwatched or untreated. You and your children’s safety must always come first. If this has been ongoing for quite some time now, consider talking to persons in authority or seeking medical help.

Contact us today at WCAP Counseling for quality counseling services in Ohio. Serious problems like domestic violence must never be tolerated.

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