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Announcement: All counseling groups are suspended for the time being.

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The 3 S’s of Recovering from Any Form of Addiction

Addiction is a huge hindrance to achieving one’s full potential. It deters personal growth and makes a person unable to form lasting and positive relationships. But all is not lost for a person with addiction. By taking advantage of drug or substan...

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Is Alcohol Associated with Dementia?

Excessive consumption of alcohol over a period of years can lead to a condition known as alcoholic dementia, formally known as an alcohol-induced major neurocognitive disorder in the DSM 5. This causes problems with learning, memory, and other cognit...

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Easy Ways to Relieve Your Anxiety

It’s easy to feel stuck and unsure of how to feel better when anxiety kicks in. Sometimes, a person suffering from an anxiety attack might even do things that unwittingly fuel it all the more. So the question is, how can one get rid of anxiety atta...

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