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Is Group Counseling for You? Here’s How to Know


There is strength in numbers, especially when receiving care and working through your recovery. This has never been truer in group therapy.

As a provider of counseling services in Ohio at WCAP Counseling, we have seen this personally, not to mention the evidence is clear on the benefits of this type of therapy.

That said, this is not for everyone. For instance, you may benefit from individual counseling if you are looking to understand the world from your perspective, instead of a group setting for substance abuse counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

If you are still up for the option, here are ways you can know if this will benefit you:

  • Your problem revolves around your relationships with others.
    Group therapy can help you in practicing active listening. It can also help you figure out how to work around communicating tough topics or in opening up or being vulnerable.
  • You are looking for a less costly therapy.
    Generally, individual therapy is more expensive than group therapy so if you can’t afford one at the time or if you’re still looking for a mental health counseling provider or a telehealth therapy arrangement you are comfortable with, then group therapy can be a good option to look into.
  • You are looking for a different perspective on a similar issue or problem.
    There are certain issues that naturally difficult to come face-to-face with partners, loved ones, or colleagues who haven’t had the same experience. Group therapy can offer you another way of compromising you can apply in your relationships.

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