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How to Support Loved Ones Suffering From Anxiety

How to Support Loved Ones Suffering From Anxiety

Do you have loved ones struggling from excessive feelings of anxiety? According to the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) curriculum, support from individuals or mutual support groups may be helpful for people with depression and anxiety problems. Do you want to offer support to your struggling loved ones? Learn how below.

  • Be respectful.
    Your loved one is facing a situation that’s unique from others. With this, it’s essential to treat them with respect and dignity no matter their situation. Communicate to them in an honest yet subtle manner. Do you think they need mental health counseling? Tell them without being harsh or judgmental.
  • Offer consistent emotional support.
    Being genuine in your support and understanding is crucial if you want to provide compassionate support to your loved ones. There are several ways to offer your support to them. From watching their favorite shows with them or accompanying them to counseling services, be there and let them know you will standby them in their journey.
  • Be hopeful.
    Mental health challenges can be miserable, especially for your loved one who has an alcohol abuse issue. Are they having anxiety while going to substance abuse counseling in Ohio? Reassure them that with time and treatment, they will feel better again. Motivate them to be hopeful in their journey.

If your loved ones need substance disorder treatment in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, WCAP Counseling is here to help. We will guide them so they can see their dignity and potential amidst their challenges. From anxiety, behavioral issue, bipolar disorder, borderline personality, and chronic pain to depression, we can address and treat these issues today. Contact us at 614-239-99 to learn more.

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