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Grief: How Alcohol Use Affects the Healing Process

Grief: How Alcohol Use Affects the Healing Process

At several points in our lives, grief comes and introduces us to deep pains that seem to be incurable. Grief is one of the reasons why people turn to alcohol and drugs. These substances, which are readily accessible, promise a temporary relief which we immediately interpret as a “good” coping tool.

However, the best and most effective coping tool for grief remains to be consistent therapy or counseling. In therapy, professionals are with us every step of the way. They offer efficient programs that are backed by science. Still, some would choose to drink over counseling programs, conventional therapy, and even telehealth therapy, which is made available for easy access.

Usually, grief is associated with loss— death or separation of loved ones, unsuccessful business ventures, and loss of income due to unstable jobs or careers. Undoubtedly, a loss is painful and nobody should be condemned for feeling sad or for grieving. But when we take these matters into our hands, healing and recovery might just be difficult to reach. The risk of abusing alcohol or drugs will increase and we would find ourselves trapped in another source of grief. This is why our counseling services in Ohio are available to those who seek true relief from grief.

People suffering from complicated grief are considered to be more vulnerable to developing addiction as they try to get rid of their ongoing mourning. Grief affects brain function by triggering the nucleus accumbens, which is a part of the brain’s reward center that dictates addiction-related behaviors. Hence, getting treatment for both grief and substance abuse becomes all the more necessary.

If you are experiencing grief, substance abuse as a result of grief, or both, call WCAP Counseling today. We offer therapy and substance abuse counseling in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

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